"Lewis Ponds – the mines and the people"

The Orange and District Historical Society's series of talks continues this Tuesday, 23 June with a talk on “Lewis Ponds – the mines and the people”. The main speaker will be Doug Spicer , author of “In -Laws and Out-laws”, and there will be a presentation by David Hobby ,district geologist with Tri Origin Minerals to be read by Peter Schmich. End of financial year commitments prevented David from appearing in person.

Lewis ponds creek begins just south of the Mitchell highway at east Guyong and winds its way north to the famous junction with Summer hill Creek at Ophir. There were mines all along this valley and surrounding hills. We have dealt in previous meetings with those at Ophir and Guyong – Byng . At this meeting we will deal with those between the two ,namely ,at upper and lower Lewis ponds ,and at Icely.There were thriving communities along the creek and family names like Spicer ,Bennett, Wright, Bartimote, Christopherson, Kerr, Blowes, Fardell, Howarth, and others are still common. Less well known are the mines such as the Gurophian,the New,the North, and the South Lewis Ponds , The Spicer's, Lady Belmore,Toms, Summers,Little Bell Mount,Britannia, and Mount Regan. Near Icely were the Icely, the Mount Nicholas ,the William's and the Brown's.There were smelters associated with many of the mines. There were rushes ,boom times and busts and there is still very active exploration in the area today.

The meeting will be held at the Gladstone Hotel Function room 7 for 7.30 PM Charges $5 Members $ 3 members Supper is provided and you are most welcome to stay behind and join the chat.

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