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Affiliate Status: FamilySearch International Research

By September 15, 2011August 6th, 2013No Comments

FamilySearchJust wanted to remind you that through our links with Central West Libraries we have partnered with Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and FamilySearch International Research.

We are pleased to have Affiliate Status with the FamilySearch International Research and Library system. The Library is now designated as a ‘FamilySearch Centre’. This affiliation provides clients with the opportunity to access the resources of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and FamilySearch International Research

Microfilms and Microfiche may now be ordered online by patrons of Latter-Day Saints Family History Centres or affiliated FamilySearch Centres.
The patron can logon to Upon registering on the site, the patron will choose the FamilySearch Centre where they would prefer to view the films (Central West Libraries). The films ordered will be sent to that centre.

Films and fiche rentals are paid by Visa or Mastercard. Microfilms are rented for $7.75 each. Microfiche are charged $7.75 per set.

When the ordered films arrive at the centre, the patron will receive email notification. Patrons are entitled to view films they are reading for up to 60 days from the date the films arrive at the centre/library, should they so wish. Patrons may renew the film rental for another 60 days, online, for an additional $7.75. Microfiche are kept at the centre, with the understanding that the ownership for the fiche remains with FamilySearch.
Happy researching.